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Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Salespeople often face unique interpersonal challenges (interacting with others) and intrapersonal challenges (inside themselves). What are some of the “people-side” challenges you see facing salespeople in your organization?




Successful salespeople have a great emotional intelligence foundation.  In this workshop, you will learn the critical emotional intelligence competencies necessary to become a great sales consultant.  Sales skill and product knowledge is one thing, and selling with emotional intelligence is another.  If sales skill and emotional intelligence are fused together, it will lead to huge sales success for the individual and the company.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to demonstrate competencies such as:

Sales Self Awareness Sales Self-Awareness is about being aware of the sales behaviour your demonstrate, your sales strengths and limitations, and the impact you have on others and customers.

Sales Awareness of Others.  Sales Awareness of others is about noticing and acknowledging others, ensuring others feel valued and adjusting your sales style to best fit with others.  It will improve you needs analysis and listening skills.

Sales Self Management.  Sales Self-Management is about managing one’s own mood and emotions; time and behaviour; and continuously improving oneself.  Learn to manage your self within time and do the most productive thing every moment of the day.

Sales Authenticity.  Sales Authenticity is about openly and effectively expressing yourself and honouring commitments and encouraging this behaviour in others. It will improve your sales presentation and demonstration tactics.

Sales Emotional Reasoning.  Sales Emotional reasoning is the skill of using emotional information (from yourself and others) and combining it with other facts and information when decision-making.

Inspiring Your Sales Performance.  Inspiring performance is about facilitating high performance in yourself through problem solving, promoting, recognising and supporting your efforts to get ahead in the sales game.

You will also learn to:

Demonstrate improved empathy for understanding clients better.

Improve your personal sales resilience in relating the clients and your peers and sales manager.

Be better equipped to build a more productive sales day.

Feel less stressed and be better equipped to manage high work demands.

Create a positive work environment for others, and be better equipped to positively influence the decisions.