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Being a human is not easy. From the day of your birth, a difficult but exciting walk begins. The walk of the mighty human. This walk comes with pitfalls, emotions, difficulty, choices, decisions, victories and defeats, influences, and so many other life variables. Humans have been designed to navigate through these things and come out victorious on the other side. You need to know how to navigate.

This book offers advice and guidance on how to walk this human walk with excellence, power, and freedom. This book is for those that are at the starting point of this journey, for those who are walking this journey, and for those who have walked a long way on this journey. We can always learn, no matter where we are on this human journey.

NAVIGATE to start doing, stop doing, keep doing

After each chapter I have added a blank page titled, NAVIGATE to start doing, stop doing, keep doing. This is for you to decide what action you want to take on this human journey to be great. It’s about course correction if need be. Course correction needn’t be complex. Often, your course correction is easy to recognise and is totally under your control. Always remember that you are in charge of your life and your decisions.


Marcus van Wyk.

Chapters 1 - 22

Chapter 1: Listen When Life Speaks

Chapter 2: Your Destiny In This Life

Chapter 3: Your Purpose In This Life

Chapter 4: Your Courage In This Life

Chapter 5: You Were Not Born To Be A Slave

Chapter 6: Take Action NOW

Chapter 7: Start Making Small Changes

Chapter 8: Tough Times Call For Accurate Measures

Chapter 9: Crush Timidity

Chapter 10: Become Fearless

Chapter 11: Who Dominates Your Thoughts, Owns Your Life

Chapter 12: Empower Yourself

Chapter 13: Think On Higher Things

Chapter 14: Belief, The Power Of Achievement

Chapter 15: Face The Unknown

Chapter 16: Finding Yourself

Chapter 17: Mistakes And Committing Suicide

Chapter 18: Seeing Through The Blur

Chapter 19: 13 Things To Do When It All Goes Pear-Shaped

Chapter 20: Wisdom

Chapter 21: Kill The Beast

Chapter 22: You Are Your Greatest Book


Chapters 23 - 45

Chapter 23: The Focus Of Your Power

Chapter 24: You Are A Legend, Not An Underdog

Chapter 25: Delete And Start Again

Chapter 26: Where Wealth Starts

Chapter 27: An Old Hindu Legend

Chapter 28: The Past A Teacher, The Future An Adventure

Chapter 29: An Unfamiliar Place Of Success

Chapter 30: Expose Yourself, Please

Chapter 31: Sometimes You’ve Got To Hang In There

Chapter 32: Could’ve – Should’ve – Would’ve

Chapter 33: What You Know, You Know

Chapter 34: Five Loaves, Two Fish And 5 000 People

Chapter 35: Bridges

Chapter 36: Baby Steps

Chapter 37: HOPE

Chapter 38: Pressure Is A Privilege

Chapter 39: It’s Only Over When You Say It’s Over

Chapter 40: In Meliora Contende

Chapter 41: Make A Living, Make A Life

Chapter 42: The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Chapter 43: A Chameleon In A Smarties Box

Chapter 44: The Weapon Of Your Words

Chapter 45: Truth And Deceit


Why this book?

These are 45 of the best life lessons, to those who want to break free, to those who want to break through, to those who want to be successful, to those who want to understand, to those who love life, to those who want to believe. To those who want to be better, be good, be great — this book is for you.  One of South Africa’s leading speakers and teachers share his insights on how yo can live a life of excellence power and freedom.