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Getting accurate feedback on your emotional intelligence is an important first step. Most of us are generally unaware of how others see us. Research on the relationship between self and other ratings of emotional intelligence shows that we don’t have a very accurate idea of well we demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviour.

Emotional intelligence (EI) involves a set of skills that help us perceive, understand, express, reason with and manage emotions, both within ourselves and others. We can apply these skills to help us become more conscious of our own and others’ feelings and more conscious of the influence emotions are having on our decisions, behaviour and performance. This in turn helps us minimise the unproductive influence emotions can have and maximise their productive qualities.


How We Assess

Housed in a modern, responsive, online survey system. Raters can complete on their phone, tablet, PC or Mac, anywhere, at any time. The simple and secure administration platform makes it easy to set up survey groups, monitor survey progress and download finished reports. A link will be sent to an email of your choice to the person/s that will do the assessment online. Up to 25 people can rate the leader. The people rating are: The leader, The boss, The peers, The direct reports. It takes 25 minutes to complete. The reports are generated on completion and immediately sent to your email address or email address of choice.

Sample Reports

Genos Workplace EI 360 Report  – For the Individual

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