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  • R 650 Per Person with report included.


The Customer Service Profile™ was developed to help select individuals who will be successful in fulfilling the service needs of your customers regardless of their job titles. The report covers the assessment taker’s Customer Service Perspective, (and its alignment with that of the company), two basic work-related Proficiencies, and six important Behavioural Characteristics including Trust, Tact, Empathy, Conformity, Focus, and Flexibility. Employees who are well matched to their position tend to have higher attendance records, less turnover, higher job satisfaction, and superior job performance. Both the employee and the employer share the benefits of enhanced person-to-job fit and strong customer service characteristics. Everyone needs to be concerned with customer service.

How We Assess

The assessment is conducted online. We need the name, surname and email address of the person or persons being assessed.  If the person does not have an email address then we can use an email address of your choice. A link for the assessment will be sent to the email address. The assessment takes 25 minutes to complete.  The reports are generated on completion and immediately sent to your email address or email address of choice.

Sample Reports

Selection Report  – For the Manager.

Individual Report – For the Individual.

Coaching Report – For the Manager.

Payment for this product

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