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I DARE YOU! To Become The Best You Can Be & Live Your Purpose.


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Let Marcus come and share with you this incredible journey of the 4 SQUARE LIFE!!  I DARE YOU!

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Overview of the talk

95% of people will be content as to where they are in life, because their plateau is comfortable. The next 4% will move on to a greater and higher level, and the 1% will reach the Kingly top in life. The 4% and 1% of people will never be held back until every unused capacity in them has been activated. If the habits of the 95% keep them on their plateau, then don’t you think, by sheer determination, YOU, with your human capacities can form a strong habit to live on the 4% level or rise magnificently to the Kingly 1% level. YOU need to become adventurous, get on a mission, start a fight, go from slave to king. Your life has 4 important components, Physical, Mental,Spiritual and Social. These 4 components are sleeping giants that need to be awakened. Start developing these 4 components and begin to DARE to change, not think about it but DARE. ‘Deep down you must light an urge that can never be put out’ and ‘to desire something permanent in life, to develop your gifts to the largest possible use, THATS YOUR DARE. Living right has a lasting kick in it.

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