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Leadership Emotional Intelligence And Ethical Decision Making.

Emotional intelligence drives everything. People with higher developed emotional intelligence make more ethical and compliant decisions. Emotion can lead to our worst decisions or our best ones, the difference is emotional intelligence. If unproductive emotions get in the way of important decisions, it can lead to devastating consequences for the company.  There will always be a temptation to act unethically. These situations are principally difficult to resist when other people are encouraging you to behave unethically. They may be in positions of leadership or other peers just encouraging you, but you do not have to give into them. To behave unethically is a decision. Your decision.

If your emotional intelligence skills, and particularly the skills of emotional reasoning and emotional self-awareness is well-developed, you will be very aware of the consequences of any unethical decisions and behaviours that you might participate in.

Your highly developed emotional intelligence will always point you in the right direction to interpret the events around you. It will provide you with the values of a good approach in deciding whether something is unethical or not.

  • The pragmatic approach: This approach focuses on the consequences of your actions. The goal is to do good rather than harm in a situation
  • The rights to all approach: Focusing on the rights of all involved defines this approach. It makes respecting the rights of others a moral obligation.
  • The fairness to all approach: Fairness expects people to be treated equally. A based standard is used to determine actions that are unequal such as pay rate.
  • The welfare to all approach: The conditions that affect all people are considered in the common good approach. Systems and laws are created to ensure the welfare of everyone.
  • The virtue to all approach: This approach uses virtues such as honesty, integrity, compassion, patience, and courage to guide behaviour

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