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13 Things To Do When It All Goes Wrong.

  1. Realise that things might be falling into place when you feel that they are falling apart.
  2. Don’t get irrational, keep the same perspective.
  3. Be happy, as you are being taught a better way. Listen to the voice of life and learn from it.
  4. Face the fear, and fear will go away.
  5. Don’t run away from it, face it.
  6. Don’t have a victim mentality. Find the precious stone amidst the crisis.
  7. The solution to the crisis is found in the present and past experiences.
  8. Your reaction to a crisis determines the outcome.
  9. Don’t be dominated by it. You dominate the crisis.
  10. You have to realize that we all have had crises in our lives. You are not that special. 🙂
  11. Speak to someone about it and get the advice you need.
  12. Make notes, learn and then proceed to teach others. Suddenly, a leader is born.
  13. Find the facts. It’s important to find the facts rather than finding just the faults. Finding fault first always leads to the blame game — that great characteristic that reigns supreme in politics. Finding fault is a diversion from reality and creates a bigger problem. For some reason, people enjoy placing blame while staring at the problem until it becomes a huge problem. They forget that there are more things that actually work than things that aren’t. I call it depreciative thinking. Great people always find the facts first, it is a good starting point for repairing a dire situation. Facts are also where solutions lie.

Marcus van Wyk

Marcus is a leading South African and African Speaker, Teacher, Assessor, and Author, in the sciences of applied emotional intelligence for leadership, sales, and workplace human development. He is the founder of THE AFRICAN EQ NETWORK, a platform of ideas, training and human assessments dedicated to the advancement of emotional intelligence in Africa, for Africa, for African excellence. Marcus speaks to organizations in Africa with experience in human development and getting ahead in a competitive environment with their greatest assets – their PEOPLE! Invite Marcus to your organization for a fascinating engagement on emotional intelligence.

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