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Why The Best Leaders Develop Mindfulness

What have Google, Samsung, Aetna, SAP, and P&G all got in common? All of these world-class organisations recognise that one of the fastest growing segments of our working population is burnt out leaders. They responded to this by implementing mindfulness leadership programs to help their leaders not only excel in work, but in their personal lives as well.

Decades of solid research show a direct connection between mindfulness and emotional intelligence in leaders and the bottom-line results they achieve. Being good at what you do is no longer enough…you must also be resilient enough to effectively manage your emotions, reactions and decisions in challenging business situations – and to help the people you manage, or work with, to do the same

Great leaders are always searching for ways to take their leadership practices to the next level. Mindfulness has been the source of much focus over the last number of years and organisations worldwide are now realising that sometimes there is more to a successful leader than meets the eye. Developing emotional intelligence and mindfulness can truly transform the impact and ability of a leader

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