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The Power of Indulgent Influence

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Today, ideas get an audience immediately.  Industry is at the feet of creative thinkers begging for ideas. Stagnant minds are the greatest obstacles to progress. The big prizes are for those who dare to think hard, to think often, to think creatively and think differently about things. This is where the kings are, it is the power of indulgent influence. Daring people can’t afford not to think. Daring to do something is the backbone of a company and it’s people.

In today’s instant world it seems that thinking can be done for us. The interruptions to the thinking processes of the human mind in modern times is powerfully addictive. Even in meetings and training the interruptions are multiple and they destroy any sense of thinking but only serves to downgrade the mind to a useless ‘grabber’ of worthless information. This is not where kings are.

Think originally.  If you can contribute one ounce of original thought, if you can originate just one new idea, you have dared well.  This is to be your mental offensive campaign.  Let’s become sick and tired of being always on the defensive. This is where kings are.

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