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The Phenomenal Power Of Resilience That Your Emotional Intelligence Generates.

While people may love the work they do, so many are suffering as they don’t know how to deal with the associated stress of a demanding job and environment. The world of work we live in is a 24/7 work pattern with higher work demands and stress. It has increased complexity and uncertainty and continuous change is the norm (restructures, mergers, new systems, technology and process), and change creates uncertainty which can facilitate unproductive emotions such as anxiety consciously and non-consciously.

Traditionally, organisations have placed more emphasis on physical (processes and inventory) than mental health in the workplace. As our work environments transform, employees and leaders now face the most demanding environments and positions, which is resulting in a significant increase in mental health and work-related stress issues.

It’s time to focus on building the resilience of our leaders and team members. Resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to adapt to stress and adversity. Your level of resilience is defined as your capacity to bounce back from a negative experience to your normal state of functioning. Resilience is not an ability or trait you either have or do not have, everyone is resilient and can improve their level of resilience. It is typically enhanced by engaging in activities or techniques like programs that help develop high emotional intelligence and that help facilitate good physical and mental health. Highly resilient people are able to effectively balance negative and positive emotions and make effective responses to them. Having people in your team with a high developed emotional intelligence that generates high resilience is an astonishing game changer for your company and life changing for your people.

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Marcus is a leading South African and African Speaker, Teacher, Assessor, and Writer in applied emotional intelligence for leadership, sales, and workplace human development. Marcus is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner with Genos International. Marcus has a platform of ideas, training and human assessments dedicated to the advancement of emotional intelligence in people for people excellence. Marcus speaks to organizations with a wealth of experience in human development and getting ahead in a competitive environment with their greatest assets – their PEOPLE! 

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