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Is Emotional Intelligence Just A Modern FAD?

In the current business context, companies are struggling with rapid change, with finding competitive advantage in a globalized economy, and in finding, keeping, and motivating talent in a changing workforce. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is emerging as a critical factor for sustaining high performance in this environment. What’s driving this interest? Is emotional intelligence “just a fad,” or does the science offer new insight and tools that genuinely affect performance? And if EQ is so important, how do leaders find their way to the value amidst the hype?

In a recent study, when asked “What are the top issues you face at work?” leaders identified that 76% are on the people/relational side, and only 24% on the finance/technical side. Among these 135 respondents, a massive 89% identify EQ as “highly important” or “essential” to meeting their organizations’ top challenges.

Your organization is made of people, money, and property. For a long time, “common wisdom” has been that returns come from investing in the latter two. Yet, in the last decades, a flood of research has challenged that assumption and is increasingly proving that a company’s people are the differentiating factor. Since emotional intelligence is all about “people smarts” — about relating to yourself and others — it’s no surprise that EQ plays a major role in this dimension. – Joshua Freedman

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