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If you are bored, whether it is with your job or while doing other temporary stuff, it could well mean you are doing things that you weren’t born to do, which is completely contrary to your deeper calling. Begin to look at your strengths, gifts, interests as a human and you will soon find a deeper calling on your life rather than the very temporary things you are doing at the moment. Passio wil drive the rest. Many people don’t seek for their deeper calling. You will achieve so much more in life if you understand the power of your purpose in this life. If you seek for and begin to walk in your purpose, then unseen powerful forces will become available; the power of which you can harness. They will work for you, not against you. You will attract wealth in all its forms. Many people are living a lie. They want to be someone else or live some other person’s life, so they start walking outside of their purpose. You can’t copy purpose. Imagine a lion aspiring to be a giraffe …

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