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Companies Deploying Emotional Intelligence Training – By Market Capitalization

According to Joshua Freedman and Paul Stilman in their publication ‘A business case for emotional intelligence’, small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide are experimenting with emotional intelligence training in a variety of applications. A few larger examples by market capitalization:

Qatar Airways ($153B): customer experience, leadership development
Aramex (5B): leadership development experience, leadership development leadership development
Almarai ($42B): leadership, sales
Google ($515B): mindfulness for effectiveness
Adobe ($47B): hiring technical experts who are collaborative
LinkedIn ($15B): culture building
Facebook ($323B): raising awareness for anti-bullying
BMW ($50B): leadership development
Fifth Third Bancorp ($13B): leadership across the organization
Eli Lilly ($80B): sales hiring
FedEx ($44B): leadership development in Express
Intel ($151B): people leadership for technical experts
GE Life ($4B): leadership development
Johnson & Johnson ($296B): performance evaluation,succession planning
Microsoft ($438B): customer service leadership
Motorola ($13B): stress management, training
Roche Pharmaceutical ($200B): team development, customer service training.
Shell ($192B): leadership development
Singapore Airlines ($13B): customer service
Whitbread PLC ($7B): management training, hiring
MayBank ($88B): leadership culture
Amazon ($277B): people leadership for technical experts

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