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6 Signs Of Low Emotional Intelligence In Your Workplace.

Keeping in mind that if it you do notice these signs then it is advisable to address it through training intervention. Emotional intelligence drives excellence in everything from sales to customer care to finance and general operations.

Sign 1: People’s decisions, behaviour and performances are highly questionable and they seem completely disconnected and not present in their roles. They are not self aware of the of the impact this is having on interaction with others.

Sign 2: People show insensitivity instead of empathy, they don’t want to help others or show some support. They don’t adjust their behaviours to fit a situation.

Sign 3: People are not genuine but untrustworthy. They are not authentic and authenticity is about openly and effectively expressing yourself, honouring commitments, and encouraging this behaviour in others. People are not consistent it what they say or do.

Sign 4: People are very limited and not expansive in their thinking. Their emotional reasoning seems to be absent. They are biased in their decision making, they don’t use all the information at hand to make decisions and communicate that in a way that is sensitive to others’ feelings.

Sign 5: People are temperamental and not resilient. They don’t manage their own moods and emotions. People who are not resilient don’t see opportunities and possibilities that exist even in the face of adversity. They measure the size of their problems, instead of measuring their resources. They don’t demonstrate a positive, energizing demeanor.

Sign 6: People are indifferent rather than empowering. They cease in creating a positive working environment for others, or helping others find effective ways of responding to upsetting events, or effectively helping people resolve issues that are affecting their performance. They don’t try to positively influence others’ moods and they are not empowering to work with.

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