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Frequently Asked Questions About Marcus’ Emotional Intelligence Training And Assessments.

Are all emotional intelligence assessments conducted online? Yes, they are, and links can be sent anywhere globally.How long does it take to complete emotional intelligence assessments? Depending on the selected assessment, anything from 20 to 30 minutes.Are reports available immediately?…

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The Formidable Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Customer Service & Retention.

The growing base of research shows a powerful and well-defined link between the emotional intelligence of your customer service people and retention of your customers. One thing to remember is that your customers buy emotionally and defend it logically. Your…

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How Emotional Intelligence Can Revolutionize Your Leadership.

Emotionally intelligent leadership is about leaders intelligently using emotions to facilitate high performance in themselves and others. Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance, getting others to do their best, and to do their work effectively and efficiently. One of the…

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