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What is emotional intelligence? Part 2: The Emotional Intelligence Experience.

Emotional Intelligence is one of those things that pretty much everyone believes they understand and, honestly, most people’s understanding misses just how much emotional intelligence impacts us in every relationship we form, however short, throughout our lives.  So, before we…

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Leadership Emotional Intelligence And The 4 Astounding Results For Your Company.

In organizations today, leaders face a much more complex challenge of inspiration. A large portion of the workforce remains highly disengaged.  Leaders who use their emotional resources to foster "engagement" (a sense of caring and commitment) deliver significant bottom-line results. …

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Leadership Emotional Intelligence And The Financial Performance: The Bottom Line Perspective.

In Working With Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman reported that 80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of emotional intelligence. While IQ and other factors are important, it's clear that emotional intelligence is essential to optimal…

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Leadership Emotional Intelligence And Ethical Decision Making.

Emotional intelligence drives everything. People with higher developed emotional intelligence make more ethical and compliant decisions. Emotion can lead to our worst decisions or our best ones, the difference is emotional intelligence. If unproductive emotions get in the way of important…

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