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Tough Times Call For Accurate Measures


I sound like Noah. Well, forgive me if this is the case when I write about the tough global economic conditions that will prevail for a while. I have found in my work that, not only are economic conditions tough but also vastly unpredictable. There are many
variables at play in the marketplace that creates this unpredictability. If companies don’t take heed of these variables and act in an accurate manner then they will suffer a blow, not only in sourcing new business but also by losing existing business. You can’t sit and ‘wait it out’. DESPERATE MEASURES ARE NOT HEALTHY IN TOUGH ECONOMIC  CONDITIONS.
Desperation brings actions that are toxic. What is needed is accurate actions that will effectively counter the variables that create unpredictability in the marketplace and give companies the advantage during tough economic times.

Marcus van Wyk

Marcus is a leading South African and African Speaker, Teacher, Assessor, and Author, in the sciences of applied emotional intelligence for leadership, sales, and workplace human development. He is the founder of THE AFRICAN EQ NETWORK, a platform of ideas, training and human assessments dedicated to the advancement of emotional intelligence in Africa, for Africa, for African excellence. Marcus speaks to organizations in Africa with experience in human development and getting ahead in a competitive environment with their greatest assets – their PEOPLE! Invite Marcus to your organization for a fascinating engagement on emotional intelligence.

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