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Neuroscience and the science of emotions. Marcus is a South African and African Speaker, Author Assessor, in the science of applied emotional intelligence for leadership, sales, workplace, and recruitment. Marcus is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner. Marcus helps professionals improve core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their impact, influence, resilience, and emotional wellbeing. Neuroscience has also comprehensively shown and proven that positive emotions tend to enhance the functioning of our prefrontal cortex having a ‘broaden and build’ effect. That is, positive emotions help us think more openly, creatively and laterally. With positive emotions, we tend to be more open to new ideas. We also tend to think more deeply about issues and see more options. Marcus’ programs are highly practical and he uses scientifically proven training methods. People who have been through the programs feel better at work, facilitate productive work environments and make others feel more valued, cared for and respected. Studies have shown that high levels of emotional intelligence boost career success, company success, mental health, relationship satisfaction, humour, and happiness. It is also the best medicine to work stress and building personal resilience.

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