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EI for the group

What our delegates have to say about the Leading with EQ Workshop:

Firstly thanks for including me in this training, it’s always great to try improve yourself and others. Herewith my feedback and things I will be working on:

  • Address my mood - and trying to be more positive and up lifting with my colleagues in these difficult times.
  • Making time to better understand my colleagues – start off with a discussion and a coffee in the morning before getting down to work.
  • Encouraging open debate – Try to listen more and talk less – namely weekly feedback sessions with KAM’s
    Strive to improve my performance – read more specifically on market trends and happenings – set 30min aside each morning.
  • Maintain a positive work environment – develop and advancing careers – great to see the progress Willem has made as a KAM – will call with him more often.
Rob Riley - Senior Key Accounts Manager – Power Division
TANK Industries

What our delegates have to say about the Leading with EQ Workshop:

  • Having attended a course in EQ prior to this I went into the two day session with some pretty good back ground knowledge.
  • The course was proved to be more than a refresher and I picked up some value tips especially when it comes to EQ from a management perspective.
  • The main reason for motivating this course for myself and my senior management was to promote a constructive, collaborative working environment with good honest communications between myself and the team.
  • The EQ courses has levelled the communication gap and also brought to the surface areas that in past stood in the way of problem solving.
  • As a group we are now finding it easier to engage and effectively solve problems. For the sake of continuity we will have an EQ group catch up every two weeks.
  • Right now we are in tough economic times and I believe this course has armed us with some valuable tools to be more effective as a team.
  • Many thanks to Marcus for delivering an informative EQ session over the two days and to my team for their contributions.
Clive Maasch – General Manager
TANK Industries

What our delegates have to say about the Leading with EQ Workshop:

Thank you for the course, it was enjoyable and also a worthwhile learning experience.

  • It highlighted the impact our emotions and attitudes have on others and how we can alter our approach to have a positive impact.
  • The importance of self-awareness; by being aware of your improvement areas you can put in some effort to adjust your reactions and behaviour which will improve the way others react to you.
  • The training reminded me to have empathy with others, to show I care and that it will be reciprocated.
  • I learned how to apply social skills to persuade and influence others.
  • We learned a little bit about body language, but there is a lot more to learn on this topic.
  • We were also reminded of key skills for building and improving our ability to manage emotions and connect with others.
  • The first result of the course was an improvement in the way the management team interact with each other. We will definitely apply what we have learnt.
Chris Boshoff Product Manager – Telecoms Division
TANK Industries

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